A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Kar'kh war is kind of a beat them all.

You control a crusader on a small planet, fighting a religious war against the deamon Kar'kh.

After 5 min he will duel you; so you have 5 minutes to gain levels, get stronger, controls the church and the cimetery gaining bonuses and finally defeat the devil.

Focus and keeping on a safe place, taking a building very quickly and killing everyone with first weapon.

Install instructions

  • Window
    • Download windows zip file.
    • Extract it
    • Open the windows folder
    • execute .exe file
  • Linux
    • Download linux zip file
    • Extract it
    • open the linux folder
    • execute .elf file ("chmod +x filename" if permission issue)
    • I don't know
    • Download the zip I gave
    • Do something with the zip inside


Karkh_war_linux.zip 29 MB
Karkh_war_mac.zip 31 MB
Karkh_war_win.zip 23 MB