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Good evening everyone

Here is my contribution for Ludum Dare 37th !

Yan Mc Baba, our ginger hero just woke up in a dark room. Pretty confused in the pretty small room, he's pretty lost and start asking himself what to do.

The hunger grows, he needs to eat to survive but unfortunatly some monsters lives in these woods at night; Yan doesn't like monsters.

Release notes:

  • This is a less finished game than past year, many bug may happen
  • You WANT to read the help (top left corner) for many informations
  • Feed me back with your impression guys !
  • 1:20 am, time to sleep a bit...

Hi, Monday 6pm, I am fixing, the export has failed, apparently, it will be fixed in a few moment :)

Hi again, it's Wednesday 14th Dec and the upload has been fixed ! So sorry for the time I took to fix this... The problem was a version conflict : I start with 2.1 and finished with 2.1.1 exporting 2.1.1 has killed everything. Everything's fine now, thanks for reading :) that I was a fucken idiot and forgot to join the data.pkg... :)

Install instructions

Simply execute the file for your OS :)


linux_32.zip 12 MB
linux_64.zip 12 MB
win_32.zip 8 MB
win_64.zip 10 MB
mac_os.zip 23 MB

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