A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Supplice is a platformer game where you control a squeleton. You don't know why a squeleton, why here in this strangly demoniac place; but if you want to know, just pass the five levels and leave a comment once done ! 

Supports: Windows - Linux - Mac

Godot Engine - Game engine
Gimp2 - Graphisms
SFXR - Sound
LMMS - Music

Created by Vegevan, all rights given under GNU-GPL2 licence.

Install instructions

Download the executable matching your operation system.

Linux users may have to

 chmod +x linux_x##.elf 

 before running the executable file.


Supplice-linux.zip 29 MB
Supplice-macos.zip 23 MB
Supplice-windows.zip 22 MB

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